Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Parallel Extension to .NET Framework

Something to hope for .NET programmers!!!

Microsoft has come with a parallel extension to .NET framework (managed code). This may be a revolution in making high performance programs using .NET. But I wonder how many HPC applications can be done using .NET because of its lack of speed compared to a C/C++ program. I have written another article about the performance difference between C++ and c# at To make use of all the cores in a Multicore environment we definitely need threading. So using of parallel extensions can make the program run quite faster on a system with more than one core. Even if we use the parallel extension it will be little possible for a managed code to run as faster as a unmanaged code. So for performance either C or C++ is the best. For more information about parallel extension visit the blog

Still C# zags in performance?

C# increases productivity by compromising performance. But if someone else makes the same application using C++ which takes half the time; what is the use of that productivity? May be you can start selling earlier and stop selling earlier.

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Fabrizio Natalini said...

I am not good with C++. I'd love to code in C++, but I'm afraid I am not a great programmer.
However, I could improve my modest C# applications using easy parallel patterns described in the book C# 2008 AND 2005 THREADED PROGRAMMING. The book is from Packt Publishing. First I bought the e-book and then I received the book. I could change the most critical processes in a week.
I hope they don't fire me because of the financial crisis!!