Monday, December 10, 2007

What if someone come with a compiler capable of parallelizing the algorithms?

In many training sessions I have heard a common question from most of the business men. If I give training to all my employees on parallel computing can you guarantee me that no one will come up with an automatically parallelizing compiler tomorrow? Won't all the money I spent on the training get wasted?

Is it a big deal?

This has been a very serious question for all these time. May be most of the companies are still thinking something will happen and the performance will get improved automatically. But it is quite easy to prove that nothing is going to workout on automatic parallelizing of an algorithm.

How easy it is to prove?

May be someone can come up with a compiler that does some amount of parallelism. And even they already exist!!! But definitely it cannot parallelize the logic of your algorithm, isn’t it? It’s for sure that the core logic cannot be parallelized without a skilled programmer and an algorithm expert. A compiler can do some amount of logic less parallelism which is not going to increase the performance drastically. For a drastic improvement almost all of the algorithm implementations need to be rewritten in a parallel way. During those days when the algorithms were implemented there was no parallel computing on a personal computer. Only super computers had parallel processors. Now the time has changed. Almost all the desktop users in the world can afford to have a multi core machine in front. Even most have a high end graphics card inside as well. So it is for sure if you get skilled in parallel programming it is not going to be a waste. No compiler can be intelligent enough like you to do the parallelism. Only skilled human can do the parallel programming. Get yourself trained or leave your job to others!!!

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